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iTravel USA: a multimedia roadbook

iTravel USA is the story of an American trip in October and November 2008 that Alexis Stamatis made on the occasion of the award of his book American Fugue from the International Literature Award of the National Endowment for the Arts. The book was published by Etruscan Press translated by Diane Thiel and Constantine Hadjilambrinos. The award included a U.S. tour with stops in cities and universities for the presentation of the novel. It was the trip of a lifetime! In 40 days Alexis nearly crossed across America. From Washington to Los Angeles. The trip is divided into two parts. East coast and continued to central states and the west coast.

In order to make an iPad edition out of a printed copy multimedia content
from the trip was collected, handmade maps that resemble existing ones were created from scratch
and a user experience was developed to bring out the feeling that you are reading a book that has been written “on the road”.

You may find the roadbook here.

Telepsychogeriatrics: challenging the future

Telepsychiatry –through videoconferencing – explores the use of communications technology in mental health service delivery and has been utilized mostly in rural underserved areas and in islands. The application of telepsychiatry to elderly care–telepsychogeriatrics- is of special interest due to the increasing of elderly population.
Read the whole article here.

TEDxAthens 2012 / iPhone app

The fourth annual conference of TEDxAthens (x=independently TED organized event), takes place on the 23rd and 24th of November 2012 at “Theatron” of the Hellenic Cosmos presenting “The Ones Who Do”. The official TEDx Athens app for iPhone features everything you need to keep up with the conference, and its community, featuring:

  • Speakers information
  • Event Schedule
  • Map Location of the event venues
  • Links for up to the minute news from all TEDx Athens official channels (Blog, YouTube Videos, Flickr, Facebook)
  • Real-time display of TEDxAthens Twitter stream (Tweet / Retweet / Follow)
  • Real time voting system (Up2Five)

Download here.



iRhodes  / iPhone app

iRhodes is a handy app offering several self-guided walking tour of the Old Town of Rhodes, Greece. It is designed to make your visit good value for your money and time. It is addressed to the travellers who like to be independent, who like to have professional information, who don’t want advertising during their guiding, and don’t want to be part of a tourist crowd. The information presented is historically accurate, compiled by Katerina Konstantinidi, a certified tourist guide / psychologist / teacher with more than 40 years experience in guiding and a big love for Rhodes history. All the data used in this app (besides the map) is built into the software, so you can follow the walking tours or use the city map without internet access or cellular data plan. No need to pay the costly roaming charges when traveling to foreign cities. The app has been designed by Propaganda. You may find the app here / iPhone – Android app

A Guide – Map, constantly renewed, with videos of the most interesting places in Athens. Each point has a unique video presentation made by a team of professionals. Using the embedded map, one can see what places are near him and filter them by their type. More info from the official site Download for Phone and for Android.

YouSpeakGreek / iPhone app

The application, based on the book “You speak Greek, you just don’t know it”, is a selection of more than 6.000 Greek words that one finds today in the English language. On the iphone screen, this journey through the Greek language becomes an interactive procedure, since the user is called upon to play, trying to find the Greek word that is the origin of the English word that appears on his screen or vice versa.
Entering the application, the user chooses the preferable starting language: English or Greek. The words are presented in three ways: alphabetically, by number of letters or by category. The user chooses the preferable way and begins to play trying to find each word based on his knowledge and skills or using help. The better the player, the higher the score…
The application was designed by Propaganda Graphics Factory.
Download here.

IGeasy/ iPhone , iPad and Android medical app

IGEasy is an application that addresses doctors who need to calculate easily and simply regimen Xolair for their patients, based on the weight and IgE levels
Doctors who were provided with a code can download the app here.

Athens Voice / iPhone app

This is the free iPhone version of the largest Greek Free Press newspaper, Athens Voice, which offers users immediate and complete access to rich information and entertainment audiovisual content.
You can download the app here.

cGFR/ iPhone  and Android medical app

A fast and user friendly way for a doctor to calculate the degree of renal impairment for his diabetic patients
Doctors who were provided with a code can download the app here.

Servetas ’12  / an iPad dairy

John Serveta’s calendar has been in circulation on print since 2006 and marks a remarkable success. TopCreations along with Propaganda have created for Ianos Publications an interactive iPad edition that contains all that the print edition has plus many more! The user can keep notes, share content and have an overall overview of how the year goes by according to his input.
You may download a free limited edition from here or purchase the app here

4 Music Rooms  / iPad educational app

“4 Music Rooms” is an educational music game for children and adults. It addresses the needs of all users that would like to get familiarized with the first stages of music theory, either by themselves or with the guidance of a music teacher.
The application includes a small part of the music theory at the beggining of learning process. Music exercises progress takes place gradually, so users to learn the basic elements that are required in order to read the score.
In “4 Music Rooms”, through an intuitive and attractive environment, user is called to participate in a knowledge and entertainment game. In the 4 rooms of the house the user can access the 4 families of music instruments:Strings, Wood Wing, Percussion, Brass wind. Furthermore, in each and everyone room a spectrum of music also welcomes the user.
The user can listen to a well known music pattern, by tapping one of the music instruments that are placed in the room, featuring the instrument in particular that is tapped. That way the user matches pattern with the musical instrument. Additionaly, musical instrument operates as the introductor of each music exercise that user should solve by placing the verbal description of it.
You may purchase the app here