iTravel USA

iTravel USA: a multimedia roadbook

iTravel USA is the story of an American trip in October and November 2008 that Alexis Stamatis made on the occasion of the award of his book American Fugue from the International Literature Award of the National Endowment for the Arts. The book was published by Etruscan Press translated by Diane Thiel and Constantine Hadjilambrinos. The award included a U.S. tour with stops in cities and universities for the presentation of the novel. It was the trip of a lifetime! In 40 days Alexis nearly crossed across America. From Washington to Los Angeles. The trip is divided into two parts. East coast and continued to central states and the west coast.

In order to make an iPad edition out of a printed copy multimedia content
from the trip was collected, handmade maps that resemble existing ones were created from scratch
and a user experience was developed to bring out the feeling that you are reading a book that has been written “on the road”.

You may find the roadbook here.