iPad apps

(Mostly educational) iPad applications.

Servetas ’12  / an iPad dairy

John Serveta’s calendar has been in circulation on print since 2006 and marks a remarkable success. TopCreations along with Propaganda have created for Ianos Publications an interactive iPad edition that contains all that the print edition has plus many more! The user can keep notes, share content and have an overall overview of how the year goes by according to his input.

You may download a free limited edition from here or purchase the app here

4 Music Rooms  / iPad educational app

“4 Music Rooms” is an educational music game for children and adults. It addresses the needs of all users that would like to get familiarized with the first stages of music theory, either by themselves or with the guidance of a music teacher.

The application includes a small part of the music theory at the beggining of learning process. Music exercises progress takes place gradually, so users to learn the basic elements that are required in order to read the score.

In “4 Music Rooms”, through an intuitive and attractive environment, user is called to participate in a knowledge and entertainment game. In the 4 rooms of the house the user can access the 4 families of music instruments:Strings, Wood Wing, Percussion, Brass wind. Furthermore, in each and everyone room a spectrum of music also welcomes the user.

The user can listen to a well known music pattern, by tapping one of the music instruments that are placed in the room, featuring the instrument in particular that is tapped. That way the user matches pattern with the musical instrument. Additionaly, musical instrument operates as the introductor of each music exercise that user should solve by placing the verbal description of it.

You may purchase the app here

IGeasy/ iPhone , iPad and Android medical app

IGEasy is an application that addresses doctors who need to calculate easily and simply regimen Xolair for their patients, based on the weight and IgE levels
Doctors who were provided with a code can download the app here.